- Proof of EIF -
PoEIF has already accumulated -ETH for EIF.life (and all interest is reinvested too)!!



Safety guaranteed by a fully autonomous smart contract created on the
Ethereum cryptocurrency platform


9/11/2018: We started before all the other clones and they are DEAD! (source: DAPPRADAR.com)

Current state of fund







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Enter the address you contributed from in form 0x0123456789abcdef... (defaults to metamask account if available) or either the amount you want to invest or zero to withdraw with metamask (click invest button)

Max. of 10% of total deposit per withdrawal








Current Interest Rate: %

Next Estimated Interest: -% rounded down (after block  - in -)
Previous Balance:  ETH (1% extra interest for every 10 ETH above this, starting at 1% - up to 10% per day)
Current Contract Balance:  ETH
This column will only populate with metamask installed

Distribution of funds
The creators are the same investors as You are

How to make a deposit without metamask (otherwise use the form above)

For mobile devices we recommend using a wallet Trust Wallet.

You can also use one of the most popular online-wallets MyEtherWallet. To store and transfer cryptocurrency on your desktop computer you can use a wallet Jaxx

You can purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency for USD and other currency at https://www.bestchange.com.

Send ETH from your wallet to the smart contract address:

Minimum investment is 0.01 ETH

Recommended gas limit: 70000, actual gas price you can see at https://ethgasstation.info/

You can not transfer ETH from exchanges, only from your personal ETH wallet

Check the success of you transaction in your wallet application history or at the site etherscan.io, just enter your wallet address there

The contract remembers the address of your wallet, as well as the amount and time of your deposit

Every 24 hours the interest rate may change from 1% to 10% depending on the balance growth (every 10ETH greater than previous high will increment the percentage up to the max of 10%). The amount of payment per withdrawal is calculated by the formula (current interest rate / 100 ) * (number of minutes since the last payment / (24 * 60)) x amount of deposit

You can receive a payment at any time by sending 0 ETH to the contract address

Register and replenish ETH wallet

Invest ETH at 1% - 10% daily

Check and track your transaction

Get paid at any convenient time

Frequently asked Questions

Why choose this project?

  • Simple and honest contract
    This contract has the simplest, the most honest and therefore the most relible source code, which is available for review by anyone.
  • No owner
    The contract does not have owner, the contract creators are just ordinary investors. Is this not the best proof of its reliability?
  • All ETH to investors!
    This is the only contract without any extra commissions. All the 100% deposits go to payouts. Therefore you will earn more.
  • Maximum payouts
    Thanks to zero commissions the payouts are 1% - 10% of your deposit daily! Make sure to withdraw when maximum interest is reached (10% of invested amount) as it will stop accruing until withdrawn and you will lose the difference.
  • Full autonomy
    You can withdraw you interest at any time by yourself. Just by sending 0 ETH transaction to the smart contract address. Regardless of anything!

Any questions left?

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